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January 12, 2013
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"Everyone we have a new student joining us today," the teacher announced, "He comes all the way from Russia—

"Another freaking kid from another damn country can't we have any kids from this country please I hate trying to read through everyone's accents," a boy complained.

"M-maybe i-it's good because um, we get to learn about people's c-culture and that America isn't the only country in the world," (name) covered her mouth. She meant to think that not say that, a few other boys agreed, while most of the girls gave her angry glares, why well girls are mean, we all know that.

"Was that question directed to you, no." (Name) put her hung her head a boy who sat behind her and patted her back.

"Andrew shut up, she has every right to answer your dumbass question as much as anyone else, so screw you!"

"Alright that's enough; class will not have this behavior, Andrew detention for disrespect of another student. As I was saying we have a new student from Russia he can very well speak English I expect all of you to be nice and respectful," she narrowed her gaze towards Andrew, "Understood?"

"Yes ma'am," the class said in unison.

"Alright you can come in now," she motion towards the door and a boy, very tall one I might add, walked in. He was wearing the regular school uniform but he had a scarf wrapped around his neck it covered the bottom part of his face, so they couldn't see his mouth only the fact he was blushing and he didn't open his eyes but it seemed like he was smiling, he had very light blond hair almost grey hair, it was short but his bangs fell over his face.

"Hello, I'm Ivan Braginski, I was born in St. Petersburg, me and my sisters moved here for a better life. My younger sister was born in Belarus, and her name is Natalia, my older sister was born in Ukraine, and her name is Irina but we call her Katayushka, I know how American children can be so please don't make fun of me or my family or I will be forced to defend our honor, da?"

He opened his eyes and revealed that they were purple how was that even possible, yet when they were open everyone in the got this weird vibe from him, even the teacher felt uneasy. Maybe he really meant it not to make fun of him.

"R-right, th-thank you Ivan, um let's ah okay. (Name) can you raise your hand please," (name) slowly raised her hand, Ivan looked straight at her and it kind of scared her.

"You see the seat next to (name) that's where you will sit alright?"


Ivan walked to his seat and sat down (name) couldn't help but stare at him he was just so interesting, sure she felt scared but yet there was something about him that intrigued her.

"I do not appreciate it when people stare at me," he said in a low voice. Everyone around him scooted back a bit not wanting to be to close him. (Name) averted her stare and looked out the window just then a boy came rushing in the class, it was Toris, from Lithuania, and he had short brown hair and green eyes.

"Excuse me ma'am but we need your help in Home Economics," he breathed out.

"Don't tell me, Arthur," Toris nodded, the teacher did a face palm and pulled out a fire extinguisher from under her desk.

"This kid, alright class I'll be right back to save the school from burning down to the ground……again I'll be right back. You know the rules no leaving the class room, no sex, and no cats, Hercules I'm looking at you, I'll be back."

Once the teacher and Toris left almost everyone pulled out a phone or iPod the listen to music or talk to friends. (Name) pulled out her sketch book, Ivan looked over to her and saw a few of her drawings he thought they looked beautiful.

She stopped when she got to a fresh new page she pick up her pencil and began to draw a circle, she did this motion for a while until it appeared she had a perfect circle. She just drew and drew without stopping Ivan keep taking glances at her picture he realized it was a sunflower. He was so memorized by it looked so beautiful.

"That's very pretty," (name) jumped up. Ivan chuckled at her; he thought she was very cute.

"Sorry, you like to draw," he asked she didn't look at him but she nodded.

"I'm not going to hurt you," he said calmly. It appeared his voice was higher, maybe to show he wasn't all that scary. It worked on (name) she smiled at him and nodded.

"Sorry for staring," she whispered.

"It's alright, sorry for snapping at you. I've gotten so used to doing that I guess I just do it without knowing, efufu," his giggle was a little cute.

"Do people make fun of you a lot?"

"Da, almost all the time, but I don't mind it's only when they make fun of my sisters I get angry," he turned back on his menacing 'aurora' one would say. Yet (name) didn't notice she saw someone who was hurt and trying to protect his sisters, not a mean person.

"I think it's great you are willing to protect your sisters, I'm an only child so there no one to protect me, well except for my best friends Mathew and Kiku, they're always there for me," she smiled.

"It gives me pleasure smile to hear that, I'll protect you too, friends," he held out his hand.

"Friends," she shook his hand and smiled.


"So which movie you want to see," Alfred asked (name). She looked at the movie listings and posters, and shrugged.

"You can choose I'm not all that picky."

"Sure, how 'bout Sherlock Holmes," (name) nodded.

"Alright two for Sherlock please," Alfred bought the tickets and they went to the theater. They walked together hand in hand to the confession stand to buy some snacks.

As they were waiting in line, (name) looked at the different movie titles when she saw a familiar face, "Ivan?"

Ivan walked in with two girls that looked like him. One the tall one but not as tall as him, had short hair light blond hair that was held back by a white head band, she was very, okay not going to sugar coat it she had double D's okay, but she seemed nice she had dark blue eyes and a calm look. The other the shortest of them had long hair that was close to Ivan's color that reached down to her waist, her breast weren't as big as her sisters, and it seemed she had a full figure. She had the same eyes as the other girls but they seemed bored like she didn't want to be here.

"Oh (name) hello," Alfred turned around and when he saw Ivan he got this terrified look on his face.

"You know him," he whispered.

"Uh-huh, he's my friend."

Ivan walked over to them along with his sisters and he had that normal smile of his on his face, Alfred looked like he didn't trust him one bit.

"(Name) these are my sisters, Irina and Natalia."

"You can call me Katayushka if you want," Irina said. Alfred looked at her but his vision was a little low than most. Ivan noticed him staring and got angry.

"Hello Alfred," Ivan said in a low voice. Alfred whipped his head and looking glared at Ivan.

"Sup Ivan."

"You two know each other," (name) asked.

"We got PE, together," Alfred answered.

Things got a little awkward and tense because Alfred and Ivan were having this stare off, Natalia cleared her throat smiled at (name) trying to change the subject.

"What movie are you two seeing?"

"Sherlock Holmes."

"What a coincidence that's what we are here to see, American movie theaters are different than ones in Russia."

"Can you tell me about your home they seem such beautiful places," she held Natalia's hand walked over to the theater.

"Big Brother can you get the food," Natalia called back.

"Da, Katayushka go with them me and Alfred will be fine together," Katayushka nodded and followed.


During the movie it was awkward, Natalia sat next to Alfred, who sat next to (name), who sat next to Katayushka, who sat next to Ivan. Katayushka felt like Alfred wouldn't stop staring at her, Natalia was pissed at Alfred for looking at her sister and not (name) who was his date, Ivan was pissed at Alfred for the same reason and that he didn't trust Alfred, to him he didn't seem like the guy who would be nice to her, he kept an eye out for him.


"What do you guys think of Ivan," (name) asked Mathew and Kiku.

"He seems pretty creepy sometimes but not really a bad guy," Mathew shrugged, Kiku nodded in agreement.

"Why has he been mean to you," Kiku asked.

"Oh no, he's been really nice actually it's just that me and Alfred went to the movies and Ivan and his sisters were there. I don't know they seem to have some grudge against each other."

"Maybe it's nothing."

"You didn't see them, they looked like they wanted to kill each other, his sisters and I just didn't know what to do."

"(Name)," she turned around and saw Ivan walking towards them.

"Can I speak to you, alone," he gestured to Mathew and Kiku, they shrugged and left them alone.

"What is it Ivan?"

"It's about Alfred, I don't think you should be dating anymore," (name) tilted her head.

"Why's that."

"I feel like he isn't telling you something……that he's lying to you."

"Do have any proof," she crossed her arms.

"I've meet too many people who has lied to me and/or my sister's faces, I know a lie when I see one. He doesn't really pay attention to you like someone should when they are out on a date. He stares at another girl who walks by, especially Katayushka."

"How do you know how a guys is supposed to act on a date, have you ever been one?"

Ivan looked around and shook his head 'no'.

"Then how can you know?"

Ivan was at a loss for words he shrugged and stepped closer, "I don't trust him, ask him about it see if acts strange tries to avoid the question."

"I don't think I can do that, what if your wrong and I make him mad, then he won't talk to me anymore," she looked down at her shoes.

Ivan sighed and hugged her, "Sorry I'm just paranoid. I know we just met but I really care about you a lot."

(Name) smiled and hugged him back, "I care about you too."


"So that's it I never really liked you. You're actually kind of creepy and you got even creepier after you started hanging around Ivan."

"Really so you were lying, okay I'll see you later then," (name) turned around and left but Alfred stopped him.

"Wait don't tell me your going back to Ivan he's a creep." (Name) stopped in her tracks she turned and gave him the same smile Ivan made to look menacing, needless to say it worked.

"Frankly my dear I don't give a damn," and with that she walked away.


"Boo," Ivan lifted his head up and saw (name) smiling back at him. He was sitting on a bench in the student garden, front of the sunflowers, of course.

"Oh (name) I didn't see you there," he looked a little down and tried to fake it off with a smile.

"Looks like you were right he was lying to me, he told me everything," she sat down next to him and pulled her sketch book out of her bag. Ivan was a little confused she wasn't sad about it all she looked happy.

"You aren't sad about what he said?"


"Not at all?"

"Net," she continued the drawing of the sunflower from earlier. Ivan just looked at her confused for a while then just let it go. He looked at the sunflowers and then back to her, then back to the sunflowers.

They sat like that for a while before Ivan stood up and stretched a bit, "Um well I glad you are handling it well I have to get home."

"Wait Ivan I want to ask you something, why did you persist on telling me that Alfred was lying, I just met you and yet you care so much about me."

Ivan turned her back to her, "Uh-um well you remained me of my sisters and um well you're not afraid of me I guess."

"Ivan you're mumbling," she walked in front of him and saw his eyes were closed tight and his mouth was covered by the scarf, his face was the reddest thing ever. (Name) giggled and poked him in the arm; he slowly opened his eyes and stared at her.

(Name) stood up on her toes and put her hands on his chest, "I'm a little too short can you help me."

She pulled down his scarf from his mouth and he grabbed her by the arms and lifted her up a bit, he leaned in and kissed her. He was wondering if he was too cold for her but just feeling her lips on his made him feel so warm. She wrapped her arms around his neck and ran her fingers through his hair. She tilted her head to deepen this kiss and he moved his arms to her waist.

They parted from each other breathing heavily; Ivan rested his forehead on hers and smiled, "You are so beautiful my little sunflower."

"Sunflower, I can get used to that."


(Name) managed to get Alfred to apologize and become friends with Ivan, well more like frenimies. Kiku lost a bet to Mathew saying that (name) and Ivan wouldn't kiss the first week they met each other. Gilbert and Mathias were just lost as to what happened but forgot about it and got used to (name). Natalia began dating Toris and she and (name) became the bestest of friends and Katayuashka missed many days of school because of her back. Man this school is so weird.
Whew Russia done took a while but here it is. I hope you guys like it, I jsut love Russia he's so awesome.

NExt and finally Germany and that'll be the last for The Bet I had fun writing it and I hope you guys had fun reading it.

In this I wanted not everyone doesn't like the reader. Change the ending up a bit ya' know I hope you all like it.

I love you all, bye~!

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There are many things wrong with me...
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I am most definitely not right in the head. Excuse my rambling and the exessive text. This series is very good, be proud of it, and again please excuse all the text...
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Meh you're fine, people don't know what goes on in my head and I'm happy that they don't, thank you for reading.
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