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-Age 8-

"Alright we need more food or I'm gonna die." Denmark complained it was a Sunday afternoon the sun was shining and the whole family was in the living watching (favorite show) because it was (name)'s turn to choose, the only one who had a problem with it was Iceland. Norway sighed and went into the kitchen where Denmark was and looked into the fridge he was right they were running low on food, if you didn't count all the fish Mr. Puffin had reserved for himself.

"Alright I'll go shopping, (name) you wanna come?"

"Yeah, Uncle Iceland do you wanna come too?"

"Pfff, no." He said rudely and went for the remote and changed the channel to Supernatural.

"Oh, um next time then?" Iceland shrugged his gaze never left the TV, by now everyone felt the tension between (name) and Iceland but never really addressed. (Name) would just brush it off, but it started to get her, only a little, anyway she went upstairs and came back down with her jacket and followed Norway out to the car. They arrived to the mall and walked inside it was pretty big but not as big as the one in Canada, that one had a whole rollercoaster in inside. Norway headed toward the fish market first; things were running smoothly until Norway's "friend" started to show up.

"Hey kiddo, psst, kiddo over here it's your buddy Tram." (Name) looked over her shoulder and saw a small little green troll hiding behind the cart, Norway didn't noticed because his back was turned so (name) walked over unnoticed. Tram and (name) had been friends since she was three at first she was afraid of him because he had never seen a troll before but she quickly got used to him, along with England's fairies and Romania's bats. They both did there secret hands shake, which got them strange stares from other people, because it looked like (name) was doing a strange dance by herself.

"So kiddo what'cha doin?"

"Shopping for food with Uncle Norway."

"Why do you call him 'Uncle' now, didn't you used to call him big brother, don't tell me you're just like Iceland, Mr. Grouchy." (Name) giggled, "No, Iceland isn't grumpy he's just antisocial whatever that means." They both laughed, now they were getting whispers and weird stares.

"Hey kiddo you wanna do something really fun?"

"Okay sure what is it?" Tram gave a sly evil smile and held out his hand for (name) to take. She was hesitant; something told her not to and stay with Norway but took his hand and lead her to a secret place. When Norway turned around (name) was long gone.

"Oh no, Finland's gonna kill me."


"Tram where are we going?"

"Relax, kiddo we are almost there, I need your help with this jerk." Tram led her toward a part of the mall that was closed off due to construction. There were a few workers there but they sneaked past them. Tram led (name) to a part where this guy was barking orders at the workers. The man wasn't really being mean; the workers were barley doing anything. Tram didn't see it that way he saw a big guy yelling at the little guy, considering he was lazy himself. Tram and (name) hid behind some wooden planks while the man was yelling at the workers in front of some mirrors.

"Alright kid, you see that big guy right there, he is being a jerk so I need you to turn him into a demon so he can have a taste of his own medicine."

"But Tram, I don't know any magic spells, why didn't you ask Uncle Norge to do it?"

"Because you need the magic practice, and don't worry I know the spell, I would do it myself but trolls can't cast creature spells. So you gonna do it?"

"Umm, well okay, as long I know he can turn back into a human."

"Don't worry I got the spell for that too," he really didn't.

-On the other side of the mall-

"Don't call Finland, don't call Finland, I gotta call Finland." Norway was in a toy shop looking for (name) it had been a good twenty minutes and Norway still hadn't found her. Norway didn't want to tell Finland for two reasons, one: Denmark would rub it in his face that he was a better caregiver, and Two: Finland would kill him with no mercy. He had no choice he had to call him he reached into his pocket and dialed the number.

"Hello, Norway, anything wrong?"

"Uh, well you see, um I turned my back for two seconds and I turned around and (name) wasn't there, I looked and looked but I still haven't found her yet."




"No, wait you don't have to-click. Norway just stared at his phone the images of Denmark in the hospital flashed before his eyes, "Crap, I need to find her before he gets here"

-To where you are-

"Okay you know how to say it?" Tram went over the words to cast the spell; (name) still wasn't sure.

"I don't know what if something happens and I get in trouble, I don't wanna get Papa mad."

"Don't worry nothings gonna happen, would I ever lie to you?"

"Well, I guess not."

"Ha, see there you go. Okay stand here hold out your hand and say the magic words." (Name) stood firmly in the ground and aimed her hand at the man. She took a deep breath and got ready to say the words.

"DAEMONIUM!" (Name)'s hand shot out of glowing purplish black aura straight for the man but just as it was about to hit him he moved and it hit the mirror, it shot right back at (name) and set her flying a few feet back, some of the workers heard and went over to see what had happened.

"Oh my God, (name), are you okay? Speak to me oh man Norway's gonna have my head for this." (Name) was knocked out she wasn't moving, her body turned from her normal (s/c) to a still gray, her hair to a black with white stripes, her nails grew longer, and horns grew out of her head, she had fangs, wings and a little tail to top it off.

"Oh no this is bad, really, really bad." (Name) started to move a little and she opened her eyes, pure white she had no pupils. The workers stood back when they saw her, she stood up holding her head and the workers took more steps back. Tram walked slowly closer to her.

"H-hey k-kiddo, you gave me a scare there for a second, look we'll get you back to Norway and he'll fix you right up okay." She turned her head towards Tram and gave him a creepy toothy grin.

"Ereh I ekil ti, eveal  ot t'now t'ond I tub!" (TRANSLATE: But I don't want to leave I like it here, or just read it backwards). She spread her wings and took flight to somewhere across the mall.

-Back to Norway-

Norway stopped abruptly in mid run looking for (name), a cold chill ran up his spine and his stomach turned. 'What is that I'm feeling it doesn't feel…..human.' His phone stopped right his thoughts it was vibrating in his right pocket, 'Finland please, not now.' He took his phone out and saw it was England calling him. 'Artie, what does he want?'


"Romania and I felt a weird presence, did you felt as well?"

"Y-yeah, it felt really strong over here…………Oh no, no, no, no. Please tell me that didn't happen."

"What, what is it?"

"Well, long story short I lost (name) at the mall, and she might've casted a spell, and the way it felt a powerful one. Both of you teleport down here, and hurry up before Finland gets here."

"Alright," England hung up and Norway let out a sigh he put his phone back in pocket, he turned around only to find an angry Finland. He took a few steps back, but bumped into Sweden. He was surrounded. A green magic circle appeared in the middle of them all, rising up from it was England and Romania. People, stopped and stared whispering things taking pictures, Romania looked around, "Did we interrupt something?"

"What is going on, what are they doing here? Where's (name)?"

"Okay, don't freak out but we think she casted a spell, a really powerful one and I need these two to help me."

"What was she doing casting a spell? Why weren't you watching her? Did you teach the spell?"

"No, I don't know who taught her the spell-

"NNNNOOOOOORRRRWWWWAAAYYY, HELP!!!" The Magic Trio turned their heads to the sound, Tram was running towards then with a crowed of horrified people behind him. Tram finally caught up to him and put his hands on his knees and panted heavily.

"Tr-Tram what are you doing here and what's with these people?"

"Who is he talking to?"


"Norway -pant- don't –pant- be mad but (name) is a-

"DEMON, RUN IT'S A DEMON!!!!" People were screaming  they were running away from something or someone. Overhead could be seen was a little demon child growling. The child landed on a man and began to eat the food that was in his hand. She jumped to another person and started eating their food. Finland was well he was pissed; he walked over to Norway and grabbed him by the caller.


"Sh-she must've casted a spell on herself d-don't worry w-we ch-change h-her b-back."

"You better or I won't hesitate to end your life, with. No. mercy." Norway nodded rapidly and Finland let him go, Norway ran over to England and Romania and hid behind them.

"Well it looks like you're in trouble Lucky."

"Shut up, Vlad, look what we need to do is capture her and turn her back. You two make a trap ring around her and I'll use a counter curse." The both nodded and walked over to (name). They kept their distance careful not to scare her.

"You ready Iggy?"

"Don't call me that and yes."




"Laqueo," they both said it at the same time and a yellow light shined under (name) lifting her up. She stopped eating and looked around her, she looked up and saw Norway slowly advancing her, she growled and hissed unable to move.

"(Name), it's me, Uncle Norge look just hold still and I'll fix you," Norway said calmly he started to say the counter curse but the (name) started to speak.

"Xif sith." She breathed in and breathed out a blue fire at the ground. The blue flames took over the yellow light and it was gone, she let out a loud screech that caused everyone the plug their ears and she flew off.

"Bloody hell, she has blue fire and menacing screech, that's a class B demon."

"This isn't good I don't know how to change class B's back."

"WHAT!!" Yelled Finland, oh yeah him.

"You can't change her back, jeez Norge I thought you knew magic," Denmark said snidely. Norway rolled his eyes, "Class B demons go under the category of black magic, idoit."

"Romania don't you have a book on this," questioned England.

"Oh yeah." Romania clapped his hands twice and a puff of white smoke popped in front of him. A little black bat was fluttering in front of him, in its talons a brown book that looked very old.

"Thanks Thievy."

"No prob, Bob." Poof, the bat disappeared. Romania looked through the book then he finally found what he was looking for.

"Ah-ha, here it is. Class B Demons are tricky to fight but not impossible. If someone is turned into a Class B, simply capturing won't work. These demons are angry and will result to killing anything that gets near it but the adolescence will only eat the parents, but will leave the more fatherly figure alive." The Magic Trio turned their heads towards Finland and Sweden, they just had poker faces.

"A-anyway to save the person before becoming a full-fledged demon you have to lure them with someone they trust. Preferably a father figure, they have to get the adolescent asleep then carefully say, 'somnus daemon' and the person will slowly revert back to original form."

"So it's simple either Sweden or Finland lure her in and we cure here."

"Alright and when we do Norway and I are going to have a little chat." Norway gulped really hard, Finland is so scary. They all split up looking for (name); this was going to take a while.

Everyone searched and people were still panicking, Denmark and Iceland had to keep the police off their trail, they didn't need them messing things up. Sweden thought it would be a good idea to search the food court, she had to eat right?

The food court was cleared and it was a mess, tables were turned on their sides, food rippers everywhere. He heard rustling in one of the food stands he approached it slowly, he looked over the counter and saw (name) eating boxes of knock off Chinese food.

"(N-name) it's me, Daddy." (Name) looked up and showed her fangs and jumped on Sweden and he fell to the ground. She made a grab for his face but took his glasses instead. She immediately put them in her mouth thinking they were food. The moment she did, grey pupils returned to her eyes, she took the glasses out of her mouth, cleaned them and put back them back on his face. She buried her face into his chest and made purring sounds. Sweden let out a sigh of relief, she still had her human side in her-that and she didn't eat him. He got up holding (name) now asleep in his arms and went to meet up with the others.

"Oh Sve thank God you found her." Finland ran up to him and gave them both a hug, Iceland and Denmark soon joined them along with the Magic Trio. Norway, England, and Romania put their hands on her.

"Somnus Daemon." There was a green light and her hair went back to its natural color along with the rest of her demon features. She opened her eyes and they were big and (e/c) as usual.

"BUUUUURRRRPPP, hic. Scuse me." Finland chuckled, that didn't last long his face turned from happy to a face that would Belarus a run for her money. He turned his head slowly to Norway.

"COME. HERE." Norway ran in the exact opposite direction.

"Nope." Denmark just laughed Iceland face palmed, England and Romania just stood there with poker faces along with Sweden. (Name) fell back asleep, fun fact Denmark ate all the food in the first place.

Here is bad Norway for ya. I had so much fun writing this so here ya go.

So next is his good.

I don't own you or Hetalia.

I would like to thank my friend :iconnishi-mei: for letting me use her summoner name.

Thanks for reading!

If you are just now reading this please go to my gallery to find the ones before.
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