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July 17, 2013
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Gilbert logged on and searched for anyone on line his heart fluttered when his eyes went over (Name)’s name. (Name) was someone Gilbert met through an online game and once the game was disbanded they still kept in touch. She was funny, creative, and nice. Gilbert loved everything about her. The problem was he never talked to her before.

Through text yes, but not through voice; from what (Name) had told Gilbert she lived with a big family many brothers and one sister. They always fought constantly and her house was incredibly loud. So actually calling and hearing each other’s voice wasn’t an option. Gilbert also had a problem he wouldn’t be able to talk to her anyway even though he really wanted to. Gilbert was a mute which meant he did no talking off any kind.

Gilbert clicked on her name and a chat window opened up his fingers hovered over the keyboard then began to type.

‘Hi (Name).’

That’s how he started most of his conversations with her; Gilbert was a bit shy which added to his quiet nature. Gilbert inhaled and exhaled and waited for her reply. He put his hands between his legs and twirled around in his chair just waiting. When he heard the noise for a message reply he scrambled back to his desktop.

‘Hey Gil what’s up?’

Gilbert gulped and glad that she had time to talk, ‘Nothing much how about you?’

‘Just got home from school gonna leave in like an hour for Alfred and Ian’s football game.’

‘That’s cool.’

‘How’s your brother doing?’

Gilbert sighed at the thought of his brother. Ludwig was loud, rude, and obnoxious and full of himself. Gilbert watched out for him though as he and his band of friends consisting of two other boys named Feliciano and Kiku always manage to get in trouble.

‘Fine I guess it’s really hard to watch over him though.’

‘Isn’t he 15?’

‘Yeah but he’s taller than me ;~;’

“Lol don’t be sad Gil, I’m shorter than the both of you.’

‘Yeah because you’re a girl.’

‘Come on now. He may be taller but he still sees you as a brother right? So there’s no worry!’

‘Yeah I guess. So did you find any new games we can play together?’

‘No not yet, but I’m still searching.’


Gilbert leaned back in his chair and smiled to himself thinking about (Name). She was such the nicest person when he first entered the game. She was experienced and she helped him out always stuck by his side gave him tips and things. Gilbert liked it, he liked her.

Gilbert heard a little ping and looked to see what (Name) had to say next, ‘Uh Gil isn’t it like 8 over there shouldn’t you be at school?’

Gilbert’s eyes went wide and he looked at the clock, if he could he would scream but he just face palmed and grabbed his backpack.

‘G2g (Name) bye.’

With that Gilbert ran out of his room and off to school. Gilbert ran as fast as he could dodging trash cans and fences trying not to be late. Gilbert waited at the light tapping his fingers on his leg waiting for the light to change. When it went green he went back on his sprint to school. He rounded a corner and saw his school coming up over the hill. He took out his phone and saw he had about 7 minutes before the final bell rung.

He made it into class with three minutes to spear he was out of breath and sweating a bit. He walked over to his desk and sat down throwing his backpack to the side. He sighed thanking God he made it. Sadly he wouldn’t have an easy rest because his friend didn’t see it fit.

“Where the fuck you been Gil? Huh?” Gilbert’s friend Antonio asked rudely. Antonio was born in Spain but wasn’t like you would think. Not happy-go-lucky, not nice, and certainly not oblivious. Antonio was rude, bossy, and very blunt. He almost never smiled and when he did it was when he was taking happiness on the misfortune of others and Gilbert was his favorite target.

“Gil, you got cotton in your ears talk to me. Oh wait, that’s right you can’t.” Antonio laughed.

“Shut up Toni,” Gilbert’s other friend Francis said. Francis was born in a little village in France but he wasn’t like his people at all either. He didn’t seem really passionate about anything; he didn’t really have that much self-respect for himself or others.

“I can say whatever I want Frankie, to bad Gil can’t,” Antonio laughed.

Gilbert sighed and put his head on his desk using his arms as supports. Antonio began to poke Gilbert on the head and laugh.

“So Mute why didn’t you talk to us last night, I mean other than the fact you can’t talk at all.”

Gilbert didn’t do anything he just sat there.

“Antonio can you stop being an asshole and think, he was probably talking to (Name) so who cares,” Francis said staring at nothing resting his head on in his hand.

Antonio smiled and lifted Gilbert’s head up, “So you think a girl is more important than us huh?” Antonio smirked.

“Anything is more important than your dumbass,” Francis mumbled.

“Nobody asked you!” He snapped. Gilbert slapped Antonio’s hand away and sighed.

“Seriously bro, how do you know she’s even real I mean, do you even have a picture of her?” Antonio asked.

Gilbert pursed his lips and pulled out his phone, he scrolled and then handed it to Antonio, even Francis got up from his seat to look. Francis looked unimpressed which is no surprise there and Antonio well he looked like he always did, a jerk.

“She’s okay,” Francis shrugged and went back to his seat. Gilbert snatched his phone back and put it in his pocket.

“How do you know she’s even telling the truth, huh?” Antonio asked. Gilbert looked away from him and bit his lip, “I mean she could be some loser just messing with people or some pedo. She’s not real Gil give her up.”

Gilbert glared at Antonio for even saying that he wanted to punch him right then and there. How dare he say that, (Name) wouldn’t lie would she?

“I hate to say it but Toni is right. Someone could be playing you for a fool. You should just stick to people you know and can see in person,” Francis said he acted like he didn’t even care what was going on.

“Alright class is about to start take you seats,” the teacher said as he walked in. Everyone took their seats and Gilbert rested his head on the desk. He hated it when Antonio does this, it makes him think.

Gilbert took his time getting home contemplating on what Antonio said. What if he was right, maybe (Name) really wasn’t the person he thought she was. He did meet her through a video game and they love to be rude and mean there, it’s possible. Gilbert felt so discouraged he just didn’t know what to think. He finally made it home and his dogs were waiting for him.

He smiled softly and gave them good scratches behind the ears and fed them their food. Ludwig wasn’t home yet though, Gilbert just assumed that he was out with his friends. Gilbert went upstairs and went to his computer, he logged in like usual and saw (Name) was online.

He sighed and bit his lip, what was he to do? Confront her about his feelings or just not even mention it and trust her?

‘Stupid Antonio,’ he thought to himself.

A ping sounded and (Name)’s name lit up. Gilbert covered his mouth and rested his elbow on the desk. He hesitated but clicked on her name anyway.

‘Hiya Gil, did you make it to school okay?’

‘Yeah, I had to sprint but I made it.’

‘That’s good, anything happened? At lunch Alistor made Oliver laugh so hard milk came out his nose and it went all over Arthur, I’ve never seen him so mad, lol.’

‘Hehe, that’s funny.’

‘Gil? You don’t sound like yourself.’

‘I don’t sound like anything,’ Gilbert thought to himself.

‘It’s just that, my friends said you’re not really you just some guy messing with me or a pedo or something.’

(Name) didn’t respond for a second and then she finally said something, ‘What do you think?’

‘I’m not sure. I don’t believe them but then again……’

‘Then again they could be right, hey I thought the same thing about you when we met, but I decided to trust you. I’m really the person you’ve been talking to.’

Gilbert fawned over her words, his face went red and he was just swooning over her.

‘Sorry I shouldn’t have said that. I just wasn’t sure.’

‘Gil it’s fine you had that feeling. G2g Gil talk to you tomorrow, but not in the morning I don’t want you to be almost late again.’

Gilbert chuckled softly and replied, ‘Yeah okay, see ya (Name).’

(Name) signed off and left Gilbert with a smile on his face. Gilbert got up and laid down on his bed. He grabbed his pillow and held it close to him and closed his eyes.

Gilbert awoke to the sound of his alarm he jumped to his feet; he looked down and realized that he was wearing his clothes from the day before. Gilbert quickly got dressed in some fresh clothes, cleaned up and grabbed his backpack and ran down stairs, off to school.

Gilbert made it to the class room and sat down at his desk. Francis walked in and took his seat not giving Gilbert the time off day not that Gilbert minded, Francis was always like that.

Antonio busted through the door with a grin on his face he swaggered over to Gilbert and Francis and sat in his seat in front of them.

“I bet you five bucks he was talking to (Name) again Franky,” Antonio said not looking at either of them.

“Stop calling me that and of course he was,” Francis sighed.

“So what did you say, well I mean type it’s not like you can say anything anyway,” Antonio laughed.

Gilbert leaned forward and hit Antonio in the back of the head and sat back down. Gilbert sighed and looked at his desk, how great it would be to tell him off, the best way would be through text but that’s too embarrassing and Gilbert doesn’t have unlimited text.

“He’s got a bite but no bark,” Antonio laughed. Gilbert exhaled through his nose and took out his phone and furiously typed. He sent the message and leaned back in his chair with a grin on his face. Antonio felt a vibration in his pocket and took out his phone.

He raised an eyebrow and read the new message; suddenly he gasped in a disgusted manner and turned around to Gilbert; who was still smiling.

“You little shit,” Antonio said. Francis stood up and walked over to Antonio and took his phone, he read the message and cracked a smile.

“Wow, good thing you can’t talk, you got a potty mouth.”

Soon everyone walked in the classroom and class started. Gilbert was distracted the whole time, finally happy that he told off Antonio and thinking about (Name).

‘Gil! Gil! Gil!’

Gilbert woke up from his nap and looked to his computer. He heard at least three pings and went to his computer. (Name)’s name was flashing and Gilbert clicked. He saw his name three times and wondered what was up.

‘What’s up (Name)?’

‘So you know how my brother Mathew loves hockey?’


‘Well he’s on the hockey team at school and they made it to the national finals! The finals are going to be at Hurricane’s Arena!’

Gilbert’s mind felt like it was zapped with electricity, he blinked rapidly and began to type just as fast.

‘That’s in my city.’

‘That’s what I’m saying, Gil! We can finally meet each other!’

Gilbert smiled as wide as a mile. His heart started to beat fast he didn’t know what to say. He could start jumping around his house like a school girl in a minute. He held himself to together and finally responded to (Name).

‘That’s amazing, there is a park right next to it and we can meet at the fountain. I can’t believe it we get to meet!’

‘I know I’m so happy! I can’t wait to hear your voice! I have to go Gil, I got to get ready see ya later!’

Then she signed off and Gilbert’s good feeling was kicked out of him. He reread her words over and over, the more he did the more he died inside.

‘I can’t wait to hear your voice!’

Gilbert leaned back in his chair buried his face into hands, Ludwig walked in just to bug him and noticed his Gilbert’s state. He walked up to the computer wondering what was wrong. He read over the conversation and raised his eyebrows.

“Damn,” he said causing Gilbert to jump. He didn’t even hear him come in, “Please don’t tell me you didn’t tell her you can’t talk.”

Gilbert sighed and looked to the ground; he rubbed his temples and rocked back and forth.

“Bro you’ve known her like for two years now and you didn’t tell her? My God bro, she’s gonna hate you.”

Gilbert shot a glare at his little brother and Ludwig chuckled.

“Hey I’m just saying, that’s some pretty crucial information for her not to know and you have to meet her! I always think this but now I’m saying it. I’m glad I’m not you right now.”

Gilbert huffed and pointed to the door; Ludwig held up his hands in defense and walked out. Gilbert got up and lied down in his bed.

“You could just not show up ya know, I mean if you don’t want her to find out,” Antonio purposed looking at Gilbert’s last conversation with (Name).

“Gilbert is too much of a good guy to do that, there is no way he could do that,” Francis commented.

Gilbert put his elbows on his desk and buried his face in his hands he sighed and bounced his leg rapidly. Antonio put Gilbert’s phone on his desk and pat his head.

“Not that this is going to make you feel better but you did this to yourself by not saying anything. You got to face what you did.”

Francis and Gilbert raised an eyebrow and exchanged looks then looked back to Antonio. He looked at the both of them and shrugged.


“That was too responsible of you,” Francis said.

“Fuck you.”

“And he’s back.”

The sun was shining and the breeze was warm and inviting but Gilbert wasn’t enjoying it at all. He sat at the edge of the fountain with arms resting on his legs and his head hung low. He was going to have to meet (Name) and she was going to have to know that he lied. Gilbert hated this it was horrible, how could she like him? She wanted to hear his voice and he can’t do that.

Gilbert couldn’t do it anymore, he was about to get up when someone said his name.


Gilbert shot his head up and met eyes with big round (e/c) ones. She was smiling down at her and Gilbert was so happy that she was better in person than in a picture. Gilbert stood up staring down at he and she smiled up at him.

“Hi Gil,” she said. Her voice was wonderful Gilbert’s hear fluttered every time she spoke. Gilbert’s eye blinked rapidly and gulped, this was the moment he dreaded.

(Name) stared at him waiting for a reply; Gilbert bit his lip and clenched his fists. This was the worst moment of his life, she was perfect, she sounded perfect and Gilbert sounded like nothing.

Gilbert sighed and shook his head he turn around and began to walk home. (Name) raised an eyebrow and grabbed his arm.

“Gil? Where are you going?”

Gilbert looked at her ashamed to be even around her, “Gil, why aren’t you talking to me?”

Gilbert shook his head rapidly and (Name) tilted her head to the side, “You won’t?” She questioned.

Gilbert shook his head again, “You can’t.”

Gilbert solemnly nodded his head and slumped back down to sitting on the fountain, (Name) blinked and sat next to him and began to rub his back.

“Why not are you sick?” She sounded so sympathetic and wanted to comfort him.

Gilbert shook his head, “Then what is it?” She asked.

Gilbert looked at the ground like he was searching for an answer then lifted his head. He took out his phone and scrolled then began to rapidly type. Once he was done he handed the phone to (Name) and she read his words out loud.

“(Name) I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner but the reason why I’m not talking to you is because I can’t. I’m a mute you see. When I was younger something really bad happened to me and it made me a mute.”

(Name) gasped and looked at Gilbert he took the phone back from her and typed again then gave it to her once more.

“Doctors say I was psychologically scared and the memory sticks to my brain like a tumor and it’s too much for me so I can’t talk anymore. I didn’t tell you because at first I didn’t need to but now I look like an idiot. I’m sorry I wasted your time.”

Gilbert sighed and took his phone back, he was about to get up when (Name) stopped him, “Wait Gil. I’m sorry for what happened to you I had no idea, but you’re seriously not going to let that stop me from being friends with you are you?”

Gilbert typed on his phone again and handed to her, “But you said you wanted to hear my voice and I don’t have one.”

(Name) chuckled and shook her head, “Gil, I also said I wanted to meet you. Okay so yeah you can’t talk anymore but I know who you are so there is no way I’m not going to hate you.”

Gilbert looked at her amazed; he was sure that she wasn’t going to want anything to do with him anymore, she saw that and giggled.

“I don’t care, I know you’re a good person and that’s all for me. Now come on you nerd, I want you to meet my family. After that I want you to introduce me to your brother and your dogs, got it?”

Gilbert stood up with a smile and nodded. (Name) stood up with him and giggled. She took his hand and led the way, Gilbert felt like a weight was lifted off of him and he held (Name)’s hand tighter.
I procrastinated this and I just lost something in it and I think it shows. Here it is anyway I hope you guys like this anyway.

I don't own Hetalia, I own this story's plot. Thank you for reading and I'll see you guys later.
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