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Mathew held his polar bear close to him as he sat with his family. His brother’s Alfred, Arthur, and Francis were enjoying their Friday as they all planned; Arthur sitting relaxing with a nice cup of tea while reading a book, Alfred playing video games and Francis talking on the phone with one of his lady friends. Mathew would usually be watching a hockey game or looking at stats on his phone but something has been bugging him recently.
‘I wonder if I should tell them…..they are my family. They wouldn’t hate me would they? No I should just stay quiet. I don’t want to risk anything but they have to know don’t they?’
“Mark has something to say,” Mr. Kumijiro said.
“Mathew! My name is Mathew!”
“Right got it.”
Mathew sighed and noticed his brothers were all looking at him. He froze with everyone’s eyes one him, oh how he wished he could be invisible.
“What’s up Mattie?” Alfred asked.
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Gilbert logged on and searched for anyone on line his heart fluttered when his eyes went over (Name)’s name. (Name) was someone Gilbert met through an online game and once the game was disbanded they still kept in touch. She was funny, creative, and nice. Gilbert loved everything about her. The problem was he never talked to her before.
Through text yes, but not through voice; from what (Name) had told Gilbert she lived with a big family many brothers and one sister. They always fought constantly and her house was incredibly loud. So actually calling and hearing each other’s voice wasn’t an option. Gilbert also had a problem he wouldn’t be able to talk to her anyway even though he really wanted to. Gilbert was a mute which meant he did no talking off any kind.
Gilbert clicked on her name and a chat window opened up his fingers hovered over the keyboard then began to type.
‘Hi (Name).’
That’s how he started most of his conversations with her; Gi
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“Man when I find him I’m going to kill him bring him back to life and kill him again,” (Name) was out of breath but still continued to run throw the snowy forest. She looked to the ground and the trees trying to find some trace of her best friend Mathew.
(Name) stopped again; she was running for who knows how long. Mathew was bigger, stronger, and smarter than (Name). He was born in this world while she was born in the city which she found to pretty annoying so she moved to the country that’s where she met him. He was blunt, rude, and sarcastic and still is. Mess with the bull and you get the horns that was Mathew whenever he got angry but not this time. This time he ran away in a huff and (Name) set out to find him but he was faster.
“Stupid tracker jerk,” she breathed. Mathew knew the woods and how to hunt though he never really did unless he had to. He was in tune with all the wild life of Canada even had pet wolf named Kuma.
“I should
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The Edge of an Adventure-DenmarkxReader
Mathias stood at the helm of his ship breathing in the mist of the water that crashed on the wood. He loved the sea, so vast, so treacherous and so unknown. Mathias was a natural explorer, as a young lad he would go thumping around looking for precious artifacts; when really they were just old trinkets his grandfather laid out for him so he could have something to do in his little Danish home.
Mathias’s excitement grew the more when fog grew around his ship. He smiled and jumped up like he was a young child, he ran across the ship to his first mate, Berwald. Berwald was also a child hood friend of Mathias; they grew up together and also loved exploring but didn’t show it like Mathias did.
“Ber…you smell it? Haha! You see it? Oh this is going to be great!”
Berwald grunted as a response like he often did, Berwald was a man of few words he only spoke when he felt he had to and Berwald understood Mathias’s excitement completely. Fog was a sign that they
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(Name) tightened her apron more and grabbed her tray she went out of the kitchen and into the diner. She asked people if they were alright needed any more water and things like that. A boy about her aged called her over. He was sitting with two other boys and they didn’t have any food. She assumed that they were ready to order.
“Hello Sirs how may I help you?” She asked with a smile and a timid voice. (Name) was a bit shy but she still worked in a fifty’s style diner, it was good money and she knew the owner. She had friends here and she loved her work, the only problems were people like this.
The boy who called her over looked (Name) over like he was checking her out; he smirked and rested his head in his hand.
“Yeah you can help me all you want,” he said in a deep voice. (Name) shifted a little still keeping her smile as a restaurant policy.
“Um would you like to order something?” She asked.
“I don’t know boys what do you wa
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Mature content
PrussiaxRussia :iconfindmyface:findmyface 8 12
(Name) rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. The door opened and a tall man with long blond hair and blue eyes smirked down at her. He wore and black and was muscular (Name) figured he lifted weights. She smiled and remembered she had a newspaper article in her back pocket. She took it out and handed it to him, he took it and red it over, and he smirked and leaned on the door frame.
“So you here for the job?” he asked still smirking.
“Y-Yes sir, um my name is (Full Name) and I’m twelve years old, I would be happy to baby sit your grandsons while you are gone.”
He leaned in and looked her over, “You’re a mature one ain’t ya?”
(Name) was unsure how to answer that, “Uh I’m—
“Don’t hurt yourself; you got the job okay, get in here.” The man moved to the side to let (Name) in. She stepped inside and looked at the house she saw it was just a normal house like any other. She heard someone co
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Mature content
2pAmericaxReader :iconfindmyface:findmyface 158 58
Vampire!RomanoxReader Part 4
The group (except for Lovino) was sitting down stairs wondering what to do next, their tracker was sleeping upstairs and couldn’t do anything without him.
“A werewolf that is both cool and fricken scary at the same time,” Gilbert said eating some bread they had brought with them for the journey.
“Yeah, he said he needed me for what I am, and I don’t get what that was but Lovino surly knew.” (Name) said sitting with her knees to her chest on the couch.
“What you are, you mean like personality or something?” Feliciano asked.
“No he wanted her because she’s a mortal virgin.”
Everyone looked to the staircase and saw Lovino standing at the bottom of the steps with his arms crossed and a not so happy face, his eyes were still dark and his skin went paler, “Shit you guys stink.”
Everyone looked at each other wondering what he was talking about when they all had taken a shower and cleaned up, what did he mean by stin
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Vampire!RomanoxReader Part 3
Ludwig, Feliciano, Gilbert, and Antonio all sat on (Name)’s couch, well at least gilbert and Antonio were forced to sit on the arms. Feliciano was leaning on Ludwig’s arm half asleep it was well into three o’ clock in the morning and they were all tired, but when (Name) called them and said it was emergency they all came rushing over.
“Thank you for coming you guys, this really means a lot.” She said standing in front of them. Ludwig shook Feliciano awake; the sleepy Italian opened his eyes slightly and yawned.
“(Name) why did you wake us up this late?” Gilbert asked looking as tired as Feliciano but didn’t act like it.
(Name) took a deep breath and got more butterflies in her stomach, “Hypothetically speaking, if I got into a fight with you guys and a nasty one two and we stopped talking to each other for a while but then I got in some sort of trouble, you would still come and save me right?”
They all exchanged looks then Lud
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Vampire!RomanoxReader Part 2
(Name) was in such incredible pain, but not as much as what it felt like twenty minutes ago. Her body was sore and she had a throbbing headache that would kill an elephant. Yet strangely enough she felt cushioned like she was in a bed, she opened her eyes slowly and she was right, she was in a bed, but not hers.
Had she dreamed the whole thing up did she really get attacked by Lovino or did she just fell and hit her head in the park and someone brought her to their home to help her? All she could think about right now was getting some food in her stomach before she really killed over.
She slowly sat up in the bed and winced with each movement she made, she was finally up, and she was out of breath, moving took a lot out of her. She looked at her hands and saw that she had bandages on them. She slowly rolled up her hoodie sleeve and found a few bandages and band aids on her arms too. She clenched her fist and winced, that was the same hand were she punched Lovino. She had to catch her b
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Vampire!RomanoxReader Part 1
(Name) sat her empty plate of pasta on the coffee table and leaned back on the couch rubbing her stomach, “Man Feli how do you do it? Your pasta is out of this world.”
Feliciano got up from under Ludwig’s arm and took (Name)’s plate and headed for the kitchen, “It’s a secret (Name), family rule is to never tell.”
“Come on Feli, we’ve known you guys since forever I just gotta know,” Gilbert, Ludwig’s older, brother snickered.
“Nope,” Feliciano smiled and looked to the clock, “It’s getting late we should go to bed now.”
Ludwig smiled softly and stood up he went over to Feliciano and gave him a kiss goodnight, “Don’t take too long and don’t forget to turn off the light again.”
“Okay. Gilbert?”
“Yeah I’m gonna take the guest room, see ya guys tomorrow,” Gilbert yawned. He stretched and head up stairs after his brother. Antonio who had already
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Setting her suitcase down she looked around her new room, it was bleak and bland. One bed, one dresser, two drawers, one closet and a desk and a window over the bed, curtains closed. They were all the same color, white; her room was a light shade of blue and the carpet shag white. She sighed and couldn’t wait to decorate it to look like her old room back at her old home, which was across the country. Oh how she missed it so, her two friends gave her a goodbye party that still gives tears to her eyes, and her classmates did the same. It surprised her so much they didn’t even show signs of liking her in the beginning but said that without her the class would be darker without her imagination to brighten it back up again. She could cry right now just by thinking about it, but didn’t.
She looked at the room even further and found nothing of interest, moving was hard even if you had something better to move to. When you been in one place for song long it gets harder to lea
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Francis sat at the bar and gave a heavy sigh; he moved his blond locks behind his ear and continued to watch the news. It was the same old regular thing as usual nothing too interesting or out of the ordinary.
“Want another or have you had enough?” The bartender asked him. Francis turned from the TV and looked to the bartender who was cleaning a shot glass with a rag. Francis smiled and nodded and pushed his glass forward.
“I think I can go a few more.”
“Alright.” The bartender took his glass and filled it up again with some scotch and sat it in front of Francis.
“Thank you.”
“Anytime and uh this one is on the house.”
Francis raised an eyebrow still smiling and shrugged, “Well thank you sir.”
“No problem you’re good company.”
“As are you.” Francis lifted his glass in honor of the bartender. The bartender bowed and went to the other side of the bar to tend to the other people sitting an
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Arthur sighed and sat at the edge of the couch, and ran his fingers through his shaggy blond hair and sighed once more. He looked up at the TV which was off and inhaled he smelled a symphony of smells coming from the kitchen, he smiled and then it faded short after. His significant other’s came to his mind, always having a scent of different aromas each day.
His heart jumped when the ringing of his phone went off in his ears, he looked to the coffee table in front of him and saw it alit and vibrating. He looked at the screen and it had a picture of a hamburger, he gulped he knew it was his younger brother, Alfred.
His hand shook as picked up his phone and pressed the screen; he put it to his ear, “Hello?” His voiced broke.
“Yo Artie my main man!”
Arthur moved his phone away from his ear and rolled his eyes, “Alfred please don’t yell, I can hear you perfectly.”
“Right, right, so Mattie and I just got on the train in Dublin and we are
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Alfred threw the controller in a fit of rage and buried his face into his pillow, Kiku sighed and gave a soft smile and pat his back. It was the fifth game in a row that Alfred had lost to Kiku, the fifth in the last hour, Alfred could beat Kiku in a first person shooter any day but when it came to a game like Street Fighter, Kiku had Alfred beat.
“I’m sorry Alfred, but you’re getting better,” Kiku tried to make him feel better. Alfred rolled over on his back and glared at Kiku.
“Don’t patronize me.”
Kiku chuckled and got up and went to the kitchen, “Where ya going dude?” Alfred asked putting in another game.
“I’m going to make some tea would you like some?” Kiku called from the kitchen.
“Yeah sure and could you get the donuts in the drawer too, the white powdered ones.” Alfred called as the title screen came onto screen.
“You should really eat something that isn’t a sweet or fast food,
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like um i haven't been here in a really long time and um yeah

hi guys it's me

what's up? hope you guys are doing fine and whatnot

thanks for the happy birthdays and all they still mean a lot, like you guys haven't forgotten about me and that's cool i haven't forgotten about ya'll

if you want to find me i'm on tumblr and

i have two roleplay blogs so if any of ya'll do that, i'll be cool to rp with you guys

sorry for not dropping by and all but um yeah i guess, um yeah okay bye
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